Cody’s Beast Project

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You need some inspiration tonight? Well here is a kid that will inspire you. Cody Anderson came into FS with the goal to play football again at the college level. He was weak, slow, out of shape, light, and had not been in the gym in over year. However Cody was determined to make his dream become a reality. He trained for 10 months by himself. He paid for sessions with his own money and even though he worked a full time job, never missed a session and he never complained even when workouts started at 430am. He put on 40lbs of muscle, increased his overall conditioning strength and speed, resulting in him being in the best shape of his life. Now he is playing Defensive end for the Oregon State Beavers. His dream came true and his hard work paid off. This video may not capture everything that happened in the 10 months he trained but it gives you an idea what he went through and how he got the second chance he was fighting for.