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AthleteX was created to fill a gap in an industry full of powerlifters, bodybuilders, and cross-fitters. Much love and respect for all modalities of training because we will do a little bit of each.  As a former collegiate/pro athlete I understand I’m not that young gunna I once was, but I also understand that now as a coach and father of 5 I need to remain athletic on the go, while also keeping a unique perspective on my programming and implementations for the current clientele I work for. AthleteX is all about the way I’ve utilized performance as a base for my own training on a daily basis, and its something I want to share with you! Squat, push, pull, hinge rotate, sprint, jump, change direction, and react! So many fun ways to push ourselves in the gym. With a mentality based on progressing and learning new skills there’s no limits to what we can accomplish. Do the best you can when you can with what you’ve got, and the rest will take care of itself. I am so happy to have you ride along with us for this exciting new adventure, let’s improve!