Super Set

SUPER SET is a complete resistance and stregth training program. Workouts will consist of a main compound movement followed by secondary and accessory movements to improve strength and conditioning.

Training schedule will follow or be similar to:
Monday – Push
Wednesday – Lower
Friday – Pull

Each class will require:
Minimum of 4 people
Maximum of 16 people.

SUPER SET uses all weight and equipment types.

SUPER SET training is included in Advanced Group Training packages.

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Class Times

HIIT Runs 3 Days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and last for 60 minutes.
Start times:
5:30 am
7:00 am
12:00 pm
6:00 pm

“In research, HIIT has been shown to burn adipose tissue more effectively than low-intensity exercise – up to 50% more efficiently.” It has also been shown to speed up your metabolism which helps you burn more calories throughout the day.(