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Tyson completed the 2016 high school football season ranking in the top 50 wide receivers in the northwest as a junior. He participates and accels in varsity basketball and track.

Tyson trains at FS with coaches Ryan Haas, Viko and Devan Filipe

“91 yds. Per game, 52 catches, 10 touchdowns, ranked top 50 WR in the NW, 1st team all-league WR and HM DB happens when you have a facility to train at called Forever Strong! The growth over the last 4 years has been amazing. Tyson love’s the athletic knowledge of Coach Vic and Dev as they have played at that D1/NFL level that Tyson strives for. Coach Ryan always has a workout schedule prepared and they take the works outs to the next level! I strongly believe that Tyson has been a healthy athlete due to training with the coaches at FS and being a multi-sport athlete! If you want to reach the next level of athleticism then you need to be here. All the Coaches at FS want you to succeed and they will make that happen for you!”